Other Practice Areas

The lawyers of Legal Serenity, P.C., are incredibly versatile. Their ability to handle a wide array of cases allows them to compete with much larger law firms. However, they also offer a personalized, intimate boutique approach that clients find appealing. The following are just a few of the many types of cases handled by the lawyers of Legal Serenity, P.C.

Personal Injury

Taja Winzeler-McDougall has a long history of success as a civil litigation attorney. Although she handles a wide array of civil litigation cases, she is especially passionate about holding negligent parties responsible and securing remuneration for those who have suffered due to negligence. As a personal injury lawyer, she utilizes the same aggressive approach that has served her so well in criminal court. Personal injury matters handled by Taja Winzeler-McDougall include medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, products liability, car accidents, and dog bites.  Call Taja at 815/222-4883 or 779/770-5923

Florida Matters

Kathy McNeely-Johnson has be licensed in both Illinois and Florida for over 20 years.  Why would you need a Florida attorney in Illinois?  For many of the same reason anyone needs legal assistance.  If you are even a part time snow bird you need to consult someone about the ramifications of holding Florida assets, living in Florida, transfer of residency, tax, legal, probate, and other consequences.  Kathy can help with that discussion.  Call her at 815/262-5963.

Consumer Bankruptcy

If the crushing burden of debt has you exploring the possibility of personal bankruptcy, it is in your best interest to get in touch with a knowledgeable lawyer capable of patiently guiding you through the entirety of this complicated process. Dennis M. McDougall is a great advocate in which to turn as you strive to get a handle on your debt. He will help you determine which type of bankruptcy is best for your situation, as well as whether you are eligible for the type of bankruptcy you desire.  Call Dennis at 815-222-4936.

Farm/Agricultural Law

Dennis M. McDougall, a life long Winnebago County resident and the product of a farm childhood, has not only and understanding but a passion about the family farm and the contemporary issues facing today’s farmer.  He can assist in what business structure your farm needs, land sale and acquisition, regulation, assistance with application for various programs and of course multi-generational planning.  Call Dennis at 815-222-4936.

Criminal Defense

All three of the lawyers who serve at Legal Serenity, P.C., are well-versed in criminal defense. All our attorney have lengthy experience as assistant public defenders.  Kathy McNeely-Johnson’s diverse legal background includes 15 years of work as an assistant public defender for Winnebago County. During this time, she was admitted to the Illinois Capital Litigation Trial Bar, handled multiple murder cases through to and including trial, and was assigned a major drug charge case load. Taja Winzeler-McDougall, had 17 years as an assistant public defender and also was admitted to the Illinois Capital Litigation Trial Bar.  She carried a major felony caseload that included multiple murder matters, major property crimes, and crimes of violence.  Dennis McDougall began his legal practice as an assistant public defender.  He quickly worked his way up to felony attorney where he had the privilege to assist in the establishment of one of the earliest Drug Courts in Illinois.  That successful program remains a thriving example of how the criminal justice system can provide restoration and rehabilitation.  Legal Serenity, P.C., believes strongly that all criminal defendants have a constitutional demand for able defense counsel.

Legal Serenity, P.C.: A Trustworthy Legal Resource

From criminal defense to consumer bankruptcy, a variety of legal matters are handled by the passionate and talented lawyers of Legal Serenity, P.C., Kathy McNeely-Johnson, Taja Winzeler-McDougall, and Dennis McDougall take great satisfaction in their ability to successfully resolve a vast array of complex legal matters. No matter the unique circumstances surrounding your current legal situation, you can count on Legal Serenity, P.C., for dependable legal support.

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