About Us

Legal Serenity, P.C., is a trusted law firm based in Rockford, Illinois.  Whether you are preparing to merge your current life with that of a loved one through marriage, buy a house, start a business or hope to put your affairs in order, you can depend on Legal Serenity, P.C., for high-quality legal service.

Service Area

Although Legal Serenity, P.C., is located in Rockford, its attorneys are willing to assist clients living and working throughout the surrounding area. The law firm’s vast service area includes Boone, Ogle, Winnebago, and Stephenson Counties. In addition to office consultations, Legal Serenity’s lawyers can also meet with you in your home when necessary. These house calls are most often ideal for Legal Serenity’s elder clients as well as those with young children, many of whom desire estate and benefit planning services accompanied by as little hassle as possible.

Practice Areas

Proactive clients respond well to the proactive attorneys of Legal Serenity, P.C. These dedicated legal professionals aim to avoid problematic circumstances through thorough planning. At Legal Serenity, P.C., all stages of life planning are covered, including the hallmarks of adulthood (cohabitation, marriage, and real estate investments) and everything leading up to end-of-life care and death. Kathy McNeely-Johnson assist their valued clients with estate planning & probate, real estate and business planning matters. Other services provided by the lawyers of Legal Serenity, P.C., include:

  • business planning
  • estate plans
  • pre and post-nuptial agreements,
  • same-sex couple planning,
  • cohabitation agreements,
  • real estate transactions

Legal Serenity, P.C.: Peace of Mind Through Legal Planning

In addition to achieving satisfactory case resolutions, the ideal attorney is able to minimize many of the burdens that accompany the legal process. These burdens can be reduced, in part, through patient legal counsel and advance planning. At Legal Serenity, P.C., the ultimate goal is to use of legal planning to achieve long-term peace of mind.

Feel free to get in touch to learn more about the services offered at this trusted Rockford law firm or to arrange for a consultation with one of our esteemed lawyers.