Services Provided

Business Issues

Whether your business is a start-up or an established one seeking acquisitions, attorney Dennis M. McDougall of Legal Serenity, P.C., is an experienced and knowledgeable business planning attorney who can help guide you through all stages of your business’s lifecycle. He can act as strategic tactician and advisor, helping you structure your company, negotiate with investors and partners and develop plans to minimize your risk.

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Life Planning

Life can bring many questions and complications that require the help of a skilled legal team. Legal Serenity, PC, is here to help with comprehensive life planning services. We cover all of your life planning needs from adulthood to death, ensuring you can move forward with a solid plan for how you will spend your life, manage your finances and protect those you love best.

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Real Estate

Buying or selling real property can be overwhelming and stressful. With so many documents, legal requirements and meetings involved, many people feel exhausted by the end of the process. In addition, because real estate is so valuable, real estate transactions must be executed carefully. Other contracts and disputes involving real property also have high stakes. To ensure that your interests are protected and that your transaction is completed as quickly and easily as possible, you need an experienced real estate attorney on your side.

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