Business Issues

Whether your business is a start-up or an established one, the attorneys of Legal Serenity, P.C., are experienced and knowledgeable in business.  Acting as a guide for you through all stages of your business’s life cycle you have a strategic tactician and adviser.  Structuring your company, negotiating on your behalf and finding ways to minimize your risk.

Choosing Your Business Structure

Choosing the right business structure for your company is an important decision, as it will have tax and legal implications.  For example, a sole proprietorship is a business structure in which you own the company alone and are responsible for its liabilities and assets. A limited liability company provides more protection, tax efficiency and operational flexibility. With an S corporation, you’re only taxed on a personal level but there are significant restrictions on who may own stock.

Maintaining & Growing Your Business

After you have established your business, issues can arise at any time.  You must have a lawyer to turn to when those questions come.  At different stages in your growth you have a need for different insight and advise.  Legal Serenity is here to meet those needs

The Plan and More: Legal Serenity, P.C.

The business plan is an essential road map for business success. This document typically project three to five years of how the business plans to grow revenues. We will help you outline your company’s description, do a market analysis, set up the management structure, develop a sales strategy, write up a funding request and back it up with financial projections.

When you hire us, you’ve got a business partner on your team to ensure smart business planning to prevent problems and protect against potential legal and business problems. He can help protect your business’s assets and trade secretes through non-compete and non-disclosure agreements with employees. We also ensure that you the client consider important provisions such as confidentiality provisions, protection of intellectual property, the security of your trade secretes,  buy-sell agreements or buy-back agreements if one of the principals leaves the company. These considerations help avoid undue financial burden and legal entanglements.

When you’re in business, life comes at you fast, and you need to be prepared. We will have your company ready with the right business planning strategies already in place. Whether you’re just launching a company or have been in business for years, let Legal Serenity, P.C. assist you with your business goals.