Life Planning

Life can bring many questions and complications that require the help of a skilled legal team. Legal Serenity, P.C., is here to help with comprehensive life planning services. We cover all of your life planning needs from conception to death, ensuring you can move forward with a solid plan for you those you love best.

Life Planning – Make Sure You Are Ready

No one can predict the future. No one knows what tomorrow will hold. Life planning services from a skilled lawyer, in the Northern Illinois region can ensure that you are prepared for any possibilities. Whether you live to be 100 or face an emergency tomorrow, with the right life plan in place, your interests and your loved ones will be protected. Legal Serenity, P.C., is here to ensure that you have thoroughly thought through all of the legal documentation and protections you might need.

Comprehensive Life Planning Services in Northern Illinois

For families, life can include a number of legal concerns. Our life planning services include:

  • Estate Planning – We help our clients plan for their estate, this includes end of life care, values they are concerned to pass on, protection of the estate from unnecessary legal proceedings, tax considerations, how to handle competency issues before they arise, protection of your minor children and many other concerns.
  • Elder Law – Protection against fraud, nursing home abuse/negligence, benefits application and planning, as well as contingency planning are all areas in which we can help.
  • Guardianship – When questions of guardianship are raised, we will look at the entire family dynamic, looking for a solution that will protect the best interests of the individual.
  • Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements – Before getting married, Legal Serenity, P.C., can help you outline the terms of your marriage through a prenuptial agreement. Should unexpected events occur such as an inheritance or responsibilities of other family members, we can also assist with postnuptial agreements.
  • Same Sex Couple Planning – Same sex couples, whether married or not, face unique legal challenges, especially if children are involved. We can help you navigate these.
  • Cohabitation Agreements – Couples who choose not to get married can benefit from cohabitation agreements that outlines how property and financial obligations are divided and what happens when the relationship ends.

In addition to the above, Attorney McNeely-Johnson, is able to help with planning when you spend time or move to Florida.  She has been licensed to practice in Florida for over 20 years.  Because of the elder population in Florida, the provisions concerning Health Care Powers of Attorney and Property Powers of Attorney are much different then here in Illinois.  Probate provisions are radically different in Florida and should be considered in determining how you hold you property in Florida whether you are a resident or only a snow bird.  To keep your life in order if Florida is a place where you spend significant time you need Florida Documents.

If you are ready to take control of your life plan and want a skilled legal team to help, contact the Rockford life planning lawyers at Legal Serenity, P.C.

Attorney Kathy McNeely-Johnson is here to provide you with the planning help you need.