Real Estate

Buying or selling real property can be overwhelming and stressful. With so many documents, legal requirements and meetings involved, many people feel exhausted by the end of the process. In addition, because real estate is so valuable, real estate transactions must be executed carefully. Other contracts and disputes involving real property also have high stakes. To ensure that your interests are protected and that your transaction is completed as quickly and easily as possible, you need an experienced real estate attorney on your side.

About Real Estate in Illinois

Real estate law in Illinois encompasses a variety of issues, including:

  • Sales and Purchases – Purchases and sales of real property involve extensive contracts that should be drafted and/or reviewed by a qualified attorney.
  • Leases and Rental Agreements – Leases and rental agreements contain language that dictates the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved. These contracts should be executed only with the help of an experienced attorney.
  • Contract Disputes – When one party violates his or her responsibilities under a contract or two parties disagree with regard to the terms of a contract, a contract dispute results. Anyone involved in a real estate contract dispute should seek legal counsel.
  • Closings – When real estate is purchased or sold, the closing process is a formal meeting in which ownership transfers from one party to another.

Whether you are selling your first home or you are an experienced commercial property investor, it’s wise to consult a real estate attorney. Without a knowledgeable real estate attorney representing your interests, you may find yourself engaged in a contract that isn’t as beneficial as it could have been. Alternatively, if you are involved in a dispute, an experienced real estate attorney can review all of the relevant documents and give you the best possible chance of winning in court or reaching a satisfactory settlement.

About Real Estate in Florida

Florida is a state many provisions far different from Illinois.  The state’s Homestead provision not only provides protection from creditors to but also encumbers the owner with provisions requiring inheritance priorities.  The manner in which you hold real estate is crucial to your estate plan.  All property in Florida must go through probate if it is held in the name of an individual.    Additionally you have tax and legal considerations as a transfer of residency. These are just the tip of concerns when you hold property outside of Illinois.  Although located here in Northern Illinois, Kathy has been licensed in Florida for over 20 years.  She is your partner for assisting with your snow bird or vacation hide away in sun drenched Florida.   You can have the convenience of a local attorney who can handle all of your needs.  Contact Kathy for a consult if you are thinking about purchasing or already own a Florida home.

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