Kathy McNeely-Johnson

Our Mission

Finding serenity in life by planning for the future.

Our Firm accomplishes this mission by assembling the right strategy, documents, and approach so client goals may be achieved.

The result may be a comprehensive estate plan, the negotiation and closing of a real estate transaction, or structuring the family business so that a smooth generational transition may allow for the preservation of not only the business but the family relationships.

My Experience

From the start of her legal career, Kathy has been licensed to practice law in both Florida and Illinois. My initial motivation and focus was the protection of criminal defendant’s constitutional right to a vigorous and competent defense.  To accomplish this I joined the office of the Winnebago County Public Defender.  As an assistant public defender I handled matters with juveniles (both delinquency and abuse & neglect), misdemeanors, major traffic and then was promoted to felony cases.  During this time my caseload was always major drug and murder matters.  Additionally I was able to help run the Drug Court program.  I determined after 15 years my time spent as an Assistant Public Defender, while rewarding, failed to allow me to use many of my skills and training.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Administration from Bradley University. I then spent 7 years with Honeywell in marketing and as a sales engineer.  After being a stay at home mom and active community volunteer for 8 years, I went to law school.  At Northern Illinois College of Law I found my true calling.  I participated in Law Review, Women’s Law Caucus, and helped found the local chapter of HLSA.  I took my JD Magna Cum Laude in 1994.  After the very exciting and rewarding time as a public defender, the above background led me to the next logical step, my own firm.

I established Legal Serenity P.C., to provide my clients with assistance beyond criminal matters.  With a degree in business, experience with taxes, a second major in psychology and practical experience with both large and small corporations, I provide both perspective and insight to clients in the areas of business, life planning, real estate, tax and elder law. This unique skill set has provided my clients with a great combination of creative problem solving as well as pragmatism.  I can be reached at 815/262-5963.

Let our my firm help you to find answers, guidance, and understanding in your legal matters.